Born and raised in Moncton (New Brunswick) and after nearly twelve years of training in dance, Erika Nguyen discovered circus for the first time in Montreal in 2009, while studying at the National Circus School. During her studies, she found a new fascination for performance arts by exploring different art genres, and the impact it has on contemporary circus. With a personal approach, she tries to constantly reinvent herself in her main discipline, by merging her keen sense of movement and the grace of aerial feats.


In 2013, she completed her studies in circus arts. Since then, she has toured and performed as a circus artist and dancer alongside numerous companies such as Cirque Éloize, 7 Fingers Company, 45 Degrees, Cirque Bouffon, GOP Variete, etc.

To this day, her wish is to keep developing and collaborating in all types of artistic projects and creations around the world.

photo by Karine Nguyen

E R I K A    N G U Y E N


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